Are you looking to make a meaningful change in your career? Perhaps you’re burnt out at your current job or you might be fresh out of school looking to fastrack into the medical field? We understand times are tough, but you’re still hungry for a change. Let us help you become an amazing Phlebotomy Technician! Our tuition special discounted options, only active for the summer can help!

For 17 years we have been one of Southern California’s leading Phlebotomy Training Institutes. We work directly with healthcare employers to teach you skills that matter so you get to you working right away. Demand for Phlebotomy Technicians is very high now due to the need for more blood work and other test required as we pull out of this pandemic.

We care about providing the best education and skills training to become amazing California Licensed Phlebotomist in the shortest amount of time; nothing less and nothing more. We provide an externship program for you because we understand your time is valuable and you want to earn that paycheck and become a contributing member of society right away. Many schools may not even provide an externship for their students, but we do. We walk you through every step of the way; from the first day of your enrollment, we guide you through the course work, the hands-on skills training, your National Exam, your externship, and finally we make sure you are able to submit your application properly to become a California State Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1.

We have 2 campuses offering a discounted summer tuition special. All of our prices includes no hidden fees and is all inclusive.

El Monte Campus – 6 days to complete (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) Weekend Schedule

11350 Valley Blvd., El Monte, CA 91731

Carson Campus – 9 evenings to complete (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday) Weeknight/Evening Schedule

1000 E. Dominguez St., Suite 201, Carson, CA 90746

Please see our current schedule of classes, enrollment and payment options, as well as other courses available here.

Our Phlebotomy Training Program is accredited by ABHES and approved by CDPH. Completing our course allows you to sit for the National Exam and fulfills the necessary requirements to get licensed in CA as a CPT1.