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RCI accredited courses are regularly evaluated for effectiveness and strive to ensure the material taught remains pertinent and up-to-date.


Didactic/theory education is important but equally important is learning the hands-on skills and techniques developed here at the institute.


We understand that sometimes we need a helping hand to get started. Allow us to help you position yourself into the proper financial plan.  We offer creative ways to help pay for school.


Courses at Regan Career Institute are ABHES Accredited, Certified programs. Most offering financial aid assistance with flexible hours.

We Offer Students a Hands-On Approach to Learning

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Since 2004 Regan Career Institute has grown to specialize in various programs like MLT, CPT, CNA, EKG, MA licensing and certifications, that are focused in the allied health medical field. 

Regan Career Institute has also partnered with various externship partners that allow students to continually enhance their learning experience and lead to a long term career in their chosen field.


We provide our students with the training necessary to successfully pursue careers in Allied healthcare professions. Our faculty and teaching staff are highly trained and experienced professionals. Each educator is California State and/or Nationally Certified in the courses they teach. The classroom training sessions are presented in a lively, interesting format combining the knowledge-filled lecture with the active hands-on experience from in-field professionals.

However, learning does not end upon graduation. Skills learned in the classroom and practiced during your externship are refined on the job. As your experience through externships and in-the-field training increases, so will your confidence in your skills. RCI also offers various Continuing Education Courses to further develop and maintain your knowledge, skills, and experience level.



Tara T.
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I love this place! The greatest investment I have made.I enjoy the Plebotomy material I learned. Louie Agular is a great teacher. He is full of energy, positive, and very passionate about teaching. Louie and Mr. Julian Lee care so much about their students success. The best advice I got from Mr. Lee: " Always read your book, and study the material before class." Phlebotomy class is not easy, but if you put your time and effort you will be fine. As a result, I never failed any of my quizzes and I scored high on my state exam. My externship at, " San Judas Medical Group Western," was where I applied my skills all my knowledge I learned from RCI. This helped me grow confidence in myself using the needle. Thank you Susie Ramos for being so nice and patient with me. Raphael Solis works the front desk, if you have any questions he is the go to man. He is so good at his job. I am a Mt. Sac aluminum and I would say that RCI did a better job in their career courses. I highly recommend this school if you have dream's in working the medical field. ( M.Patricio Phlebotomist)
Marjorie Z.
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I had recently completed my Certified Phlebotomy Technician course in RCI and I really appreciate all the experience of the school. The front desk people are super friendly, helpful and patient. They went through every steps for registration carefully and answered all the questions in detail. They provided the materials I need for reviewing my quizzes and they are always ready to help. The instructors are very knowledgeable and organized. They went over important points of the material in class, explained in an easy understanding way and teach me good methods to remember the stuff. Since the course is in fast pace, make sure to read the chapters before class and will feel more confident with lectures. In the lab sessions, the instructors will be with me at the beginning and give me some good advices regarding to my technique. As the class goes by, when you feel more secure, they will let you go gradually. In this way, it decreases my anxiety level, makes me feel comfortable and I find I really learn good skills. People there are supportive and try to figure out what I need to help me to get succeed in this program.
Jessica T.
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I completely loved my experienced here. I took a phlebotomy course and Passed my national exam. I have learned so much from my time here, I am so glad i was able to be a part of such a great school and meet amazing people I never had any experience in medical field but MR LEE is the best advisor! He will help you even after you graduate. A special Thank you to their extremely helpful team, Raphael, joseph and everyone, thank you for helping me strive in this program The instructors LOUIE AND DR. BAKHTIARI are extremly helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I never struggled for my paperworks because raphael and the rest of the team will help you and guide you. Thank you for everything regan career institute! I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a certified phlebotomist.
Monifa S.
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I took and completed the phlebotomy course here at RCI. I chose this program because it was quick and provided what I thought I would need. I am happy with what I was given. I was able to complete everything in 3 weeks. This included the coursework, the national exam, and the externship. It was a lot all at once, but it feels great to be done. RCI is very thorough with everything they do. From the beginning when signing up to the end when you complete the coursework and the externship. The staff walks you through everything and provides all the resources one would need to be successful. Given that the program is accelerated, the cost is very reasonable and you do not have to pay out of pocket for anything else. Within that cost, you get your textbook, scrubs, national exam fee covered, a parking pass, supplies used in class and the course materials. Again, this program is super fast paced, and because of that things move quickly. We were already practicing drawing blood from each other on the first day (supervised of course and with the help of a professional physically guiding us). We would have lectures and at the end of class each day, we were given a quiz. The quizzes were pretty similar to the questions that would appear on the national exam. Overall, the structure of the program was excellent, well explained, and thorough and I appreciated that. The one thing I wish I was given is a chance to have more time to work with the venipuncture materials. Nonetheless, once I got to my externship site (a hospital in the area), I was able to get more hands on experience using the tools. If you are considering a phlebotomy program, RCI is a great place.
Karen O.
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One of the best school I have come across. I took the 5 weeks CNA course with Ms. Pearl. My class was rather small (6 students) and unique as we all were striving to become more than just a CNA as a career goal. During my time here Ms Pearl was very engaging with the lecture material and telling us stories of real life scenarios. She was so supportive and made the class fun. Mind you the lecture portion of class sometimes ran up to 8 hours of just pure new information. The class it self was not difficult at all. It was mostly common sense and knowledge in how to treat and care for others. For our externship we were able to gain hands on experiences with residents at a long term care facility. Again, Ms Pearl made sure we were all prepared and made us feel like we were in good hands with the CNA and staff there. At the site, the CNAs that we worked with were so willing to teach us and made sure we gain a valuable experience. They made sure we understood that sometimes giving care isn't always a pretty sight but to always treat patients and residents like they are your family. They allowed us to really come to terms that the people that need our care are human and have feelings and they are more than just another case. The CNAs we were able to help and learn from really put into perspective how much it means to give patient care to those unable to help themselves and to show them dignity. Ohh and when we took our exam to be certified our entire class was able take it all together at the same location. And we all PASSED!! During the five weeks we all shared a commonality, the will to succeed and the will to learn. It was pretty special to see that we all supported one another and we all came out of the testing site victorious. Please if you are thinking about taking or becoming a CNA to consider this school. It will not disappoint. I want to just say thank you Regan Career and Ms. Pearl!!
Nia Fortson
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BEST SCHOOL EVER! the teachers are knowledgeable & helpful. The staff is friendly & competent. I attended this school & they helped me get a job 1 MONTH later. I'm so thankful!
Jennifer Carreño
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I am a medical assistant instructor and went to this school to further my education. I'm a California State Certified Phlebotomist now! I send anyone who asks about phlebotomy to this school! It's a great place to learn!
David Alba
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Great school. I got my Medical assistant certification, phlebotomist certification and ekg technician certification here. It's one of the best decisions I took and are more than grateful to have found this school.
Diana Greene
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Friendly and knowledgeable instructors and staff. I understood the material and it was easy to learn in the Medical Assisting course with an instructor who cared about the success of the students. I would recommend this school to anyone for any of their programs. Thank you Regan Career Institute for the great experience.
Jazmin Acosta
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I highly recommend this school . I took the CNA class and Ms Peral is those teachers that’s wants her students to succcedd . She’s down to earth. And the staff working their is very helpful
Frank Vasquez
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Regan Career Institute is fantastic. They have multiple Career choices with Phenomenal staff. I chose the Phlebotomy program and I enjoyed every second of it. The instructors are Very Knowledgeable and give you great information in the lectures, and make you feel safe during the hands on Training we received. I'm happy I chose Regan and I'm proud I completed the Course. I recommend Regan Career Institute to everyone.
Rocio Roman
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Great school! Excellent staff and teachers. They are very friendly and help you step by step.