It will vary from course to course but generally the benefits for each are below.
* Typically between 50-200 hours of training
* Usually on the weekends, but night and day full day schedules are available
* Courses are geared towards specific certifications and licenses oriented training
* Fast paced, typically accelerated in nature (we fit a lot in a short time)
* Cheaper in cost and faster to complete
* Class schedules are typically all day but only for a few days until completion
* Typically greater than 900 hours or approximately 9 months.  Some may be longer
* Federal Financial Aid Eligible
* Degree option available
* In depth deep dive training into a specific field but also covers a wide area of study
* Longer skills and hands-on training
* Duration of classes tend to be shorter per day with flexible Day or Night options
Unfortunately, you cannot apply for Federal Financial Aid for short programs.  However, we often have pricing specials and payment options available for our short courses.  Give us a call at 213-398-8838 to find out more.
It depends on the course, but generally we incorporate both On-Campus in person instruction with onilne instruction where appropriate.  

Yes, we are accredited by ABHES which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  We are also approved by the California BPPE and CDPH.  Please see our accreditations, licenses, and memberships here  We are here to serve you and take pride in providing the best education to our students.

This will depend on which license.  For example, if are a licensed Phlebotomist or a licensed Medical Laboratory Technician or any other medical license under the jurisdiction of CDPH in the state of California.  You can have your employer lookup your information here 
We have our courses taught regularly.  We often have a class start at least once a month and many times we have multiple classes starting on the same month.  Please check each course page for current schedule of classes.
You can see our upcoming classes here
Short courses will vary in length anywhere from 50 hours to 200+ hours.  For example, our CNA course is 50 hours of lecture and 100 hours of clinical, but available in 2 different class formats to make scheduling flexible for you.  Our CNA weekends schedule runs for 10 consecutive weekends and our weekday is 5 consecutive weeks.    Please explore each of our course pages to learn about the duration of each course.  

Since 2004 Regan Career Institute has supported thousands of students through our medical training programs. As we’ve evolved to serve a more diverse and larger community we understand that paying for tuition can be difficult for some.  

Short courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid but our Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Assistant, 3-in-1 program, and other long programs is a great way to qualify for financial aid.

Please call as some Financial Aid options may be available but not mentioned here.  

RCI does not provide student Visas or any other type of Visa for entry into the United States.  If student has gained entry access into the United States through, perhaps a travel Visa, student enrollment into a short program might be possible.