EKG certification has become more popular over the years as EKG tests have become a regular part of cardiovascular routine exams.  We have observed the majority of our students who seek EKG certification do so to enhance their existing career as some other medical professional.  In these instances, the EKG certification is a bit of an “add-on” to their current job skills.  It’s another tool in the belt.  This makes EKG certified medical professionals very popular in small hospitals, urgent care centers, physician offices, and other clinics.  However, there are definitely EKG Technician specific jobs out there.  These EKG techs are usually higher paid, very skilled, and have at least 2-3yrs of experience.  These jobs are typically found in bigger institutions like hospitals, large urgent cares, large group clinics and others.  Most of what they do all long is perform EKGs on several different patients.  Salary scale for these folks look like this https://www.indeed.com/career/ekg-technician/salaries/CA

The course content is technical in nature.  It can get tedious if you’re not that technical.  Probably more technical than most skills-oriented certifications like Phlebotomy that can be accomplished in roughly the same time.  It is a popular certification because the course can be completed in a short 50 hours.  EKG Certified Technicians have versatile careers because of their broad need in many medical facilities.