How To Become a Medical Laboratory Technician

Back To The Blogosphere! A GROWING DEMAND FOR MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIANS Medical Laboratory Technicians And THe Pent Up, Growing demand for this skillset. You’ve probably heard a lot about the coronavirus disease SARS-CoV-2 (aka. COVID-19).  If you haven’t, please let us know because we want to join you in that part of the planet Earth […]

How Do I Get Started In The Medical field?

Back To The Blogosphere! HOW TO START A CAREER IN THE MEDICAL FIELD WITHOUT PRIOR EXPERIENCE So You Want A Career In The Medical Field But Have No Prior Medical Experience. Don’t let the lack of experience stop you from entering the medical field.  You’re caring for patients so it may seem intimidating at first, […]

How To Choose A CNA Training Program?

Back To The Blogosphere! How DO I choose a CNA Training Program CNA jobs are in huge demand right now.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  At least once a week we receive inquiries from employers looking for CNAs to hire.  However, they are looking for Certified Licensed CNAs but the job outlook is excellent as of […]

How Do I Choose A Phlebotomy Program?

Back To The Blogosphere! How DO I choose a phlebotomy program So, you have heard from all your friends that becoming a phlebotomist is the next best thing.  Well… it could be.  Phlebotomist draw your blood.  They are the ones who poke you with a needle to collect blood samples which are sent to a […]